Finance Committee: To oversee the management of all organizational funds.

Personnel Committee: To oversee the hiring, supervision, evaluation, and care of employees according to Personnel Policies.

Strategic Planning Committee: To review, on an annual basis, the broad and conceptual basis for CCU and to develop strategies & long-term objectives for meeting the ongoing needs of our member congregations, the ministries, and the emerging needs of the community.

Stewardship Committee: To develop and plan for fund-raising and volunteer involvement.

Ministries Committee: To represent concerns of all volunteers and staff ministries; to monitor and evaluate the ministries on a regular basis; to recommend the establishment of new ministries; and to ensure that all ministries come to operate within the Misson Statement.

Nominating Committee: To seek prospects for Board Membership and its committees and to evaluate and oversee issues of Board Development.

Prison Action Committee: To provide support to local spiritual counseling staff and volunteers and to advocate for those who are incarcerated.