2017/2018 Board of Directors

Christopher Hitz

Vice President
Rev. Anthony Alexander

Jessica Martin

Rev. Gerald Rhoades



Rev. Brenda Alton
Stewardship Committee

Rev. Ouemonde Brangman
Ministries Committee

Jane Chapman
Ministries Committee

Lois Ann Griffiths
Prison Action Committee

Marcy Irvin
Stewardship Committee

Frances Lavender
Personnel Committee
Concert of H.O.P.E.

Nancy Sheets 
Nominating Committee, Chair
Personnel Committee

Expectations of

CCU Board Members

Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is calling us as congregations to be faithful to Him. In response to His call, we participate in witness to our unity in Christ by membership in Christian Churches United. Together, we are called to be redemptive in our service, ecumenical in our action, prophetic in our direction, assembled in witness to those around us, and joined in our worship of God.

Board Members are expected to:

1. Have a commitment to the Statement of Mission of CCU and attempt to live out that commitment in his or her life.

2. Be faithful in service to CCU:
a. Attend one Board meeting per month;
b. Serve on at least one Board committee, attending its meetings regularly and carrying out its commissions;
c. Attend the annual assemblies of CCU.

(It is the understanding of CCU that if individual members find themselves, due to changed circumstances, unable to fulfill their commitments of time and service to the Board, they will tender their resignation).

3. Enlarge and deepen their abilities by attending the first available Board training session after their election or installation at the assemblies.

4. Commit to a three-year term if you are a Board member from a member church, or a one-year term, renewable for up to three years, if you are a Member-at-Large.

5. Visit one or two member churches during each year as a representative of CCU to provide interpretation of the mission and ministries of the organization.

6. Visit the site of the program offices.

7. Be a financial steward for the ministries of CCU:
a. Make an annual pledge to CCU;
b. Be prepared to engage in fundraising activities individually and with other Board members.

8. Understand the ministries, policies and finances of CCU.

9. Provide leadership with one’s own congregation regarding CCU.

10. Maintain confidentiality regarding executive sessions of CCU.

If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a board member, please call Christian Churches United at (717) 230-9550.