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Welcome Home Kits

Help a Homeless Household Get a Fresh Start with a…
New Apartment Welcome Home Kit

At CCU, when we help an individual or family obtain an apartment after being homeless, they typically start from scratch. You can help them have a fresh start with a new apartment Welcome Home Kit.

Welcome Home Kit Downloadable Flyer (PDF)


[ ] Kitchen trash can (approx. 11-13 gallon)
[ ] One plastic dish pan
[ ] One box of kitchen trash bags (13 gallon bags, 20 bags or more*)
[ ] One bottle of dishwashing liquid**
[ ] Kitchen paper towels (2 rolls or more*)
[ ] Two kitchen hand towels/two kitchen dishcloths
[ ] Broom, dustpan and brush
[ ] One household mop

NOTE: If making a complete kit, place all items from Part 1 inside the Kitchen Trash Can for delivery.


[ ] One laundry basket
[ ] One cleaning bucket
[ ] One spray bottle all purpose cleaner**
[ ] One spray bottle bathroom cleaner**
[ ] Two cleaning cloths/rags
[ ] Toilet bowl brush
[ ] Two bottles liquid hand soap**
[ ] One box or bottle of laundry detergent

NOTE: If making a complete kit, place all items from Part 2 inside the Laundry Basket for delivery.


[ ] One reusable shopping bag
[ ] Toilet tissue (6 regular rolls or 4 double rolls or more*)
[ ] One box of Band-Aids (100 or more* count, variety pack) OR first aid kit with Band-Aids
[ ] One tube of first aid antibiotic ointment (like Neosporin or generic)
[ ] One tube of toothpaste
[ ] Four toothbrushes
[ ] One bottle of general purpose shampoo**
[ ] Bath soap (two bars or more*)

NOTE: If making a complete kit, place all items from Part 3 inside the Reusable Shopping Bag for delivery.

  • A full kit typically costs $100-$120, sometimes less if using coupons, sales or buying generic. (Exception: generic Band-Aids aren't always good quality.)
  • Combine with personal shopping to save money (i.e. buying 10 pack of bath soap for yourself? Donate 2 bars.)
  • Work with friends or your church or civic group to do multiple kits, then you can buy bulk packs of many things and divide up.
  • Or work with two additional friends, each taking one of the three sections to purchase, combining into one kit.
  • Or feel free to do a drive for certain items and we'll combine with other group’s donations. Contact us (info below) if you'd like to know our current greatest needs.

* OR MORE: When you see “or more,” there is no pressure to buy “more.” We need a general minimum to include in each kit. However, if a three pack of paper towels is on sale for cheaper than a two pack, go ahead and get the better deal.

** Please DO NOT deliver spray bottles/shampoo/pump bottles in large trash bags. They will roll open, spill, and ruin other items. Please ensure these bottles are upright such as in a box or laundry basket.

Great Workplace or Church Project

Christian Churches United is a 501(c)3 non-profit social service agency founded as a collaboration of area churches to help those facing homelessness, poverty and incarceration. These kits are designed to get a household through their first few days/weeks while they get established. They are not intended to fully outfit their apartment. 

For questions about how you or your church group, civic group, co-workers, VBS or other group can collect Welcome Home Kits, or more information on our housing programs, contact Steve Schwartz, Director of Development, at or (717) 230-9550.

Deliver Welcome Home Kits To

Christian Churches United
413 S. 19th Street
Harrisburg, PA  17104

Contact: Steve Schwartz, Director of Development
phone: (717) 230-9550   |   e-mail:

Welcome Home Kit Downloadable Flyer (PDF)