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How To Help

Laundry Angels Initiative

Earn your Wings as a C.A.N. Laundry Angel!

The Compassion Action Network (CAN) in collaboration with Angel Fox, the owner of Fox’s Wash and Go, located at 1254 Market St, Harrisburg, PA. 17104 are able to serve our community’s unhoused population with free laundry services on the First Saturday of each month from 12:30pm-4:00pm.

It is our goal to provide everything needed: a van ride to and from local homeless encampments, coins, detergent, softener, snacks and conversation! Those we serve leave with clean clothes, connections to services, and hopefully knowing how much they matter!

Want to Volunteer or get involved? Here are 6 Ways to earn your Laundry Angel Wings...

  1. Sponsor: A Laundry Angel Day ($150-$200). Every little bit helps. Covers the cost of machine use for 11-15 folks w/ 2-3 loads each. You can mail a check made payable to CCU with "Laundry Angels" in the memo line to: CCU, Attn: Laundry Angels, 413 S. 19th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104 or give online (selecting "Designation: Laundry Angels Sponsorship").
  2. Monitor or Volunteer: For in person/direct engagement with our unhoused population. CAN Leadership Team members are always present as well as Fox Wash and Go Staff.
  3. Provide Washer/Dryer Supplies: We especially love Ziploc-type bags containing 2-3 detergent pods, 1-2 bleach pods and 1-2 fabric softener pods or dryer sheets (or pods that combine detergent and fabric softener).
  4. Provide Snacks/Meal/Drinks: All food items should be individually wrapped. Drinks should be individual cans or plastic bottles (no glass). To provide an actual meal, please contact Aisha Mobley (see contact info below) to discuss details.
  5. Laundry Bag Sponsorship: Fox's has laundry bags ($15 each) that are sturdy and durable and allows for increased dignity and pride for laundry day.
  6. Donate a Van and Driver: 15-passenger van preferred. A CAN Leadership Team Member will accompany at all times. Pick-ups are at the encampments under the Mulberry St. Bridge and at PennDot.

To become a Laundry Angel or simply to learn more, contact: Aisha Mobley, CAN Chairperson and CCU’s Community Mobilization and Outreach Coordinator at or 717-963-5985.

Learn more about the Compassion Action Network: